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Vote Yes on 1! On November 4th, you have an … [Read More...]

Stuart News: Vote Yes on Amendment 1

Stuart News Editorial Endorsement for Amendment 1, … [Read More...] Martin officials learn wait at St. Lucie bridge could be longer than first thought by Lisa Broadt The wait time at the … [Read More...]

Projects We Support

Support for Clean Water Act

The Guardians of Martin County is pleased to be one of the 45 organizations & businesses … [Read More...]

The Florida Water and Land Conservation Amendment

The Florida Water and Land Conservation Amendment: Water and Land Conservation - … [Read More...]

Florida NOT All Aboard

The Guardians of Martin County fully support the efforts of "Florida NOT All Aboard" or … [Read More...]

Citizens Against The Train Fund


Stop Big Cho Choo before he stops you. All Aboard Florida wants to ruin your quality of life. They plan to run 32 trains a day at up to 110 miles per hour through our communities. Car and boat traffic will be jammed up, tourism and property values … [Read More...]

About Us

The mission of The Guardians of Martin County, Inc, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, is to educate the residents of Martin County on environmental issues which are impacting their quality of life. The Guardians is a non-partisan organization which supports the Comprehensive Growth Management Plan of Martin County. This plan provides a … [Read More...]

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