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Editorial: Florida officials must explain why they missed deadline on All Aboard Florida report

Scripps Editorial Board Jan 23, 2015 Some things defy understanding. The vastness of … [Read More...]

Editorial: Time is Past Due to Bring Ten Mile Creek Project Online

It’s the textbook definition of a “boondoggle.” Ten Mile Creek reservoir and stormwater … [Read More...]

All Aboard Florida received Federal Financial Assistance

By Arnie Rosenberg: All Aboard Florida has received millions of dollars from the federal … [Read More...]

Projects We Support

Great Give 2015

The Countdown is on for this year's Great Give! Great Give will be held for 24 hours, … [Read More...]

Collaborative Opposition Against All Aboard Florida

All Aboard Florida poses serious safety issues, endangers our property values and … [Read More...]

Support for Clean Water Act

The Guardians of Martin County is pleased to be one of the 45 organizations & businesses … [Read More...]

Citizens Against The Train Fund


Stop Big Cho Choo before he stops you. All Aboard Florida wants to ruin your quality of life. They plan to run 32 trains a day at up to 110 miles per hour through our communities. Car and boat traffic will be jammed up, tourism and property values will decline and safety may be compromised. You can help prevent this disaster. Simply make a … [Read More...]

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Brown Pelicans. Photo by Chris Zambello

The mission of The Guardians of Martin County, Inc, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, is to educate the residents of Martin County on environmental issues which are impacting their quality of life. The Guardians is a non-partisan organization which supports the Comprehensive Growth … [Read More...]

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