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Editorial: Florida lawmakers poised to make historic mistake

The editorial by The Miami Herald urges lawmakers to purchase over … [Read More...]

Palm Beach Post: Email Blitz Fights Land Fund Cuts

Following resounding passage of environmental measure, backers riled … [Read More...]

Over 51,000 Petitions Against All Aboard Florida Delivered to DC

Read the press release here: Florida Not All Aboard Director K.C. … [Read More...]

Projects We Support

15th Annual Citizens Growth Management Forum

Please join the Guardians of Martin County on Saturday, March 7th from 1:00pm - 4:00pm at … [Read More...]

Great Give 2015

The Countdown is on for this year's Great Give! Great Give will be held for 24 hours, … [Read More...]

Collaborative Opposition Against All Aboard Florida

All Aboard Florida poses serious safety issues, endangers our property values and … [Read More...]

Citizens Against The Train Fund


Stop Big Cho Choo before he stops you. All Aboard Florida wants to ruin your quality of life. They plan to run 32 trains a day at up to 110 miles per hour through our communities. Car and boat traffic will be jammed up, tourism and property values will decline and safety may be compromised. You can help prevent this disaster. Simply make a … [Read More...]

Take Back Amendment 1


75% of Florida Voters Are Wrong? Apparently Florida state legislators believe this. Because they are ignoring our votes. And, we elected these people. Amendment 1 Is Being Hijacked Last November, Amendment 1 was overwhelmingly approved by … [Read More...]

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Brown Pelicans. Photo by Chris Zambello

The mission of The Guardians of Martin County, Inc, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, is to educate the residents of Martin County on environmental issues which are impacting their quality of life. The Guardians is a non-partisan organization which supports the Comprehensive Growth … [Read More...]

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