Your Vote Doesn’t Count

The Guardians of Martin County rolled out two newspaper ads along with a digital media campaign on and Facebook to alert voters to the hijacking of Amendment 1 money! “Your Vote Doesn’t Count” features an “invalid” stamp over a ballot box and encourages people to send an email protest letter to legislators.

We only have until May 1. Once the budget is set, getting more dollars this year will be nearly impossible. Every letter counts as we come down to the wire. Currently, the House and Senate budgets are nowhere near the spending that was approved by Florida voters. Click here to send a letter.


“We’ll take it from here” features a Florida truck carrying a chest filled with Amendment 1 funding headed for Tallahassee. The overall goal of the campaign is to remind people that 75% of Floridians voted to spend Amendment 1 money to acquire and manage new land and water resources. But now legislators are “hijacking” the vote and the money by planning to use it to fund existing projects.

So far, hundreds of letters have been sent to legislators but it’s important to keep the pressure turned up on legislators. Sen. Negron is fighting for $500 million but he needs support.


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