Water District Green Lights Brightline Permits

Disappointing news as this is, there is still a long road ahead in terms of raising the money and the countless delays Brightline encounters.

From The Palm Beach Post by Jennifer Sorentrue

After legal fight, Water District given OK to issue Brightline permits

An administrative law judge on Friday signed off on an environmental permit that All Aboard Florida’s Brightline needs to build the second phase of its project connecting its West Palm Beach station to Orlando.

In a 51-page order, Administrative Law Judge Bram Canter recommended the South Florida Water Management District move forward with a permit modification that will allow Brightline to construct and operate a stormwater management system. Under the permit changes, the company will also be able to make culvert and bridge modification and other improvements at 23 roadway crossings between West Palm Beach and the northern border of St. Lucie County.

Earlier this year, Martin and St. Lucie counties challenged Brightline’s permit request, arguing that it only looks at portions of the project and that the changes would harm water quality in the area.

In his order, Canter said the project would not result in “unacceptable cumulative impacts to wetlands and other surface waters.”

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