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Vote Yes on 1! On November 4th, you have an opportunity to protect our drinking water for generations to come!
The Water and Land Conservation Amendment will:
*Protect our drinking water.
*Preserve our rivers and streams.
*Save our lands.
*All with NO new taxes.
Amendment 1 is our best opportunity to keep pollution out of our rivers,lakes,springs and coastal waters for twenty years! Florida’s natural areas attract tourists and protecting them ensures a thriving economy.
St. Lucie County  River Kidz Aiden and Hannah

St. Lucie County
River Kidz Aiden and Hannah

Imagine our world without any drinking water. It’s a very scary thought.
Michelle shares the story of what could happen if we don’t take measures to protect our natural resources. We owe it to our children and grandchildren! Please view the video to the left and share it with your friends and neighbors! Don’t forget to vote on November 4th!
Download our water poster:
Vote Yes on 1 Poster


For more information on Martin County’s campaign, email Crystal Lucas.
For Statewide information: http://voteyeson1fl.org

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