Urgent Action Needed on House Bill 703–Form Email

Please take a few moments and let FL legislators know that you oppose House Bill 703.

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    Email Subject: OPPOSITION TO HOUSE BILL 703

    Dear Representatives:

    I believe that the best government is local government. House Bill 703 shows me that some State Representatives disagree. How can you have the state arbitrarily seize control of local decisions including the following?

    • Pre-empting local governments from protecting wetlands and springs and storm water runoff from agricultural lands.
    • Prohibiting a super majority at the local government level which provides extra protection for maintaining our four story height limit and ensuring our low density as well as river and environmental safeguards.
    • Allowing landowners agreeing to water storage to receive 50 year use permits.
    • Preventing local governments from revoking a prior land use approval solely because the land is continuing to be used for agriculture which is taxed at a lower rate.

    I adamantly disagree with this big government takeover. House Bill 703 needs to be stopped. I’ll vote for any viable candidate who opposes it.


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