Algae study should prompt new Florida probe

By Treasure Coast Newspapers Editorial Board June 1, 2017 TC Palm   During the height of the 2016 algae crisis, media and politicians from around the state — in some cases, around the country — descended on Central Marine in Rio. The business came to be seen as the epicenter of the disaster. Reeking, disgusting mats […]

Dolphin ills echo human health risks

By Jim Waymer May 5, 2017 Florida Today Researchers studying our closest relatives that live in the Indian River Lagoon have delivered a grim diagnosis: our local dolphins are ailing under a relentless barrage of pathogens, mercury and pollution. Half suffer chronic illness, and biologists say we had better pay attention to their plight, or we may be next. “I think […]

Notify Floridians ASAP about environmental disasters: Where We Stand- Orlando Sentinel

By the editors of the Orlando Sentinel November 28, 2016 Orlando Sentinel Three months ago, as Florida was still reeling from one environmental disaster — toxic algae blooms on both coasts — the state suffered another. More than 200 million gallons of contaminated water leaked into the Floridan Aquifer, the primary source of drinking water […]

Guest column: Confluence of crises in Florida

By Wayne Mills October 12, 2016 TC Palm If things weren’t bad enough with sea level rise flooding South Florida on high tides and especially full moons, the Zika virus, toxic algal blooms on the east and west coasts of Florida, saltwater incursion in wells 3 miles inland, fish kills, algal blooms along the 156-mile-long Indian River […]

Nelson, local leaders question Florida changing water pollution rules

By Erika Pesantes and Andy Reid August 31, 2016 Sun Sentinel With water pollution already fueling toxic algae blooms in Florida, the state shouldn’t allow more toxic chemicals to flow into waterways, South Florida officials warned Wednesday. U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson met with local leaders in Fort Lauderdale Wednesday to discuss concerns about the state’s plan […]

Cancer-causing chemicals will go nicely with toxic algae, flesh-eating bacteria

Fred Grimm August 18, 2016 Miami Herald Such auspicious timing. Rick’s gang at the state Environmental Regulations Commission could hardly have picked a more gruesome year to loosen restrictions on toxic chemicals dumped into Florida’s waterways.   A deluge of benzene, beryllium, trichloroethane, dichloroethylene and other known carcinogens ought to blend nicely with the stinking […]

Toxic water rule delayed after Seminole Tribe sues

By Mary Ellen Klas August 11, 2016 Miami Herald TALLAHASSEE Florida environmentalists are hoping that a legal challenge by the Seminole Tribe of Florida will provide the catalyst to force state regulators to redo a controversial rule that raises the levels of some of the toxins allowed to be dumped into Florida’s drinking waters. The […]

Clean water shouldn’t be so complicated

By Paula Dockery Orlando Sentinel August 4, 2016 We all want clean water. It’s vital to our survival. Clean water is necessary to ensure public health. Water leaving our lakes, running through our rivers and entering our bays and estuaries needs to be clean to support our seafood harvesters, our sport fishermen, our tourism industry, […]

Maxwell: Florida’s water woes are bad and getting worse. Do you care?

By Scott Maxwell August 2, 2016 Orlando Sentinel A few weeks ago, Florida made national news for being coated in thick, green, toxic algae. It looked like a river of snot. It smelled worse. And it mangled the economy along the St. Lucie River and Treasure Coast. Anyone with one good eye and nostril knew […]

More toxic chemicals allowed in Florida waterways

BY MARY ELLEN KLAS Miami Herald July 26, 2016 TALLAHASSEE – Florida regulators voted to approve new water quality standards Tuesday that will increase the amount of cancer-causing toxins allowed in Florida’s rivers and streams under a plan the state says will protect more Floridians than current standards. The Environmental Regulation Commission voted 3-2 to […]