Florida water managers call for ending federal court oversight of Everglades clean-up

By Jenny Staletovitch February 23, 2017 Miami Herald A quarter century after the state promised to clean up polluted farm water fouling the Everglades in a historic federal court order, water managers say its time to end the judicial oversight. In an email earlier this month, an attorney for the South Florida Water Management District […]

Coastal Everglades, deprived of fresh water, near unhealthy ‘tipping point’

By Jenny Staletovitch February 13, 2017 Miami Herald SHARK RIVER At the bottom of the Everglades along the mouth of the Shark River, a towering mangrove forest stands in a place few people outside anglers and researchers ever see: at the edge of a vast shallow bay where the salty sea and freshwater marshes conspired […]

Give Sen. Negron’s plan a chance

By Maggy Hurchalla December 29, 2016 Florida Today A statewide campaign to discredit Sen. Joe Negron’s effort to “Buy the land to send the water south” is now underway. Opponents quote U.S. Sugar’s full-page ads that say we don’t need to send water south because 90 percent of the dirty water flowing into Lake Okeechobee […]

The “willpower and commitment” behind protecting Florida’s Everglades

By CBS News / Jeff Glor December 22, 2016 CBS Morning News [The CBS News] ongoing series, “America the Beautiful,” celebrates 100 years of the National Park Service. In this installment, we take you to the Everglades. The Southern Florida swamp is the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States. CBS News correspondent Jeff Glor visited […]

Everglades’ water at risk from sea-level rise, scientists say

By Andy Reid December 15, 2016 Sun Sentinel Climate change and other hurdles mean it will take more water — and potentially more taxpayer money — to save the Everglades, according to new scientific findings released Thursday. The report to Congress warns that rising seas and warming temperatures are threatening to worsen damage already done […]

Congress approves Everglades project aimed at bringing water south

By Jenny Staletovich December 12, 2016 Miami Herald Everglades restoration scored a major victory over the weekend when Congress approved a long-awaited waterworks bill. The $10 billion bill comes at the end of a year filled with water woes that wilted Florida Bay and left Treasure Coast estuaries coated in slimy green algae, and includes […]

Sugar-cane growing on state land misses pollution-cleanup goal, records show

By Andy Reid December 11, 2016 Sun Sentinel Two sugar cane farms repeatedly failing to meet Everglades pollution-cleanup goals remain in business thanks to an accommodating landlord — the state of Florida. The two farms, leasing a combined 1,200 acres of publicly owned land in Palm Beach County, generate large spikes in water pollution, state […]

Editorial: Florida lawmakers poised to make historic mistake

The editorial by The Miami Herald urges lawmakers to purchase over 46,000 acres of land from U.S. Sugar in an effort to help save the Everglades. The Miami Herald Florida lawmakers may be on the verge of making a mistake of historic proportions by letting a splendid opportunity to aid Everglades restoration and clean up […]