Will Martin County Choose A New Direction?

By Maggy Hurchalla
On May 23rd the Martin County Commission took the first step in what Commissioner Doug Smith said was a new direction.

Why We Need A Comp Plan by Maggy Hurchalla

Former Martin County Commissioner Maggy Hurchalla’s speech from the Martin County Conservation Alliance Forum April 22, 2017  WHY WE NEED A COMP PLAN Martin County is notorious for being different. We grow slower than the other counties on the SE coast of Florida. In spite of that we have a better economy. Because of that, we […]

Guest column: Are ‘little’ wetlands worth saving? [Excerpt]

By Maggy Hurchalla February 22, 2017 TC Palm . . . Recently, the chairman of the Martin County Commission and the head of the Economic Council of Martin County joined Big Sugar in opposing Senate President Joe Negron’s plan to save our St. Lucie River estuary and the Everglades. It’s beginning to look like anti-environment sentiments are growing […]

Give Sen. Negron’s plan a chance

By Maggy Hurchalla December 29, 2016 Florida Today A statewide campaign to discredit Sen. Joe Negron’s effort to “Buy the land to send the water south” is now underway. Opponents quote U.S. Sugar’s full-page ads that say we don’t need to send water south because 90 percent of the dirty water flowing into Lake Okeechobee […]

Martin County being asked to ease environmental protections on wetlands

By Lidia Dinkova December 23, 2016 TC Palm MARTIN COUNTY — The county has been asked to loosen its environmental protections to allow developers to build on some smaller wetlands. Land-planner Don Cuozzo has asked the county to allow developers to build on wetlands that are a half-acre or smaller in unincorporated Martin County but within the urban-service district. The urban-service district is an area […]

Editorial: Florida Legislature should pass anti-SLAPP bill

tcpalm.com Apr 16, 2015 opinion | editorials Can you be sued for speaking out against a proposed development in the Sunshine State? Yes. And it happens more than you may think. Former Martin County Commissioner Maggy Hurchalla spoke out against Lake Point, a rock pit project in western Martin County. In January 2013, the developer […]