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Brown Water is Back

St. Lucie Inlet

From Marine Biologist Grant Gilmore: “What’s worse than the color of the water is what’s in it”.

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Water Quality Declining on Treasure Coast

Coffee-colored water is intruding into the IRL from Lake O discharges again. Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch states it best: “We can not let up. We have to face this like an emergency everyday.”

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Lake O Bloom A Repeat of 2016?

The latest algae bloom is concerning, particularly if more rain comes and the water is sent back to the estuaries. All the more reason to send the water south.

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Putting the Everglades reservoir into context

By Eric Eikenberg May 15, 2017 TC Palm Now that Gov. Rick Scott has signed the bill to construct a reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee, it is time to put what just happened into context. The legislation was the singular priority of Senate President Joe Negron, who represents the epicenter of the toxic algae outbreaks…

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