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Analysis: EAA farmers refuse to sell land for Lake O discharges plan

By Isadora Rangel February 6, 2017 TC Palm A bill to curb Lake Okeechobee discharges hit a roadblock the day before its first hearing as 14 landowners announced Monday they aren’t willing to sell land for a reservoir. Sugar giants U.S. Sugar Corp. and Florida Crystals, as well as smaller farmers who own at least 2,500…

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Big Sugar subsidiary lands $40M loan for Coconut Creek apartments

[How is this for irony? Big Sugar resists the calls for buying the land south, but they sure are buying up land in South Florida, and it’s not to grow sugar. – Guardians of Martin County] By Sean Stewart-Muniz August 25, 2016 The Real Deal The development arm of Florida Crystals, headed by the Fanjul…

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