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Fix the Everglades? Don’t listen to Sugar’s lobbyists

(Uncredited) February 10, 2017 Orlando Sentinel The Florida Legislature is likely to be divided this session between North and South Florida. It shouldn’t be. South Florida needs water desperately. What used to flow south from Lake Okeechobee down through the Everglades can’t get there anymore. Florida Bay is dying. The Keys fishing industry is hurting. If Everglades…

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POINT OF VIEW: Negron’s plan for Everglades worth considering

By Sarah Heard January 8, 2016 Palm Beach Post Last summer, Florida’s incoming Senate President Joe Negron stepped into a controversy over Everglades restoration with an offer that no one should have been able to refuse. The whole idea of fixing the South Florida water management system and restoring the Everglades was about to fall…

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Everglades’ water at risk from sea-level rise, scientists say

By Andy Reid December 15, 2016 Sun Sentinel Climate change and other hurdles mean it will take more water — and potentially more taxpayer money — to save the Everglades, according to new scientific findings released Thursday. The report to Congress warns that rising seas and warming temperatures are threatening to worsen damage already done…

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