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Eve Samples: Buy the land south of Lake Okeechobee — don’t buy the excuses

By Eve Samples January 13, 2017 TC Palm State lawmakers have every reason to pull the trigger on buying land south of Lake Okeechobee this year. These are the biggies: Toxic algae is fresh in our memories: It choked the St. Lucie River last summer, following months of polluted discharges from Lake O. It was one of the worst blooms…

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Eve Samples: Do you have a case of ‘seasonal amnesia’?

By Eve Samples December 2, 2016 TC Palm Do you have seasonal amnesia? Symptoms may include: Ability to enjoy our waterways without having flashbacks of blue-green algae.  Forgetting the ammonia-like stench that clung to parts of the St. Lucie River this spring and summer.  Inability to recall dead fish floating near downtown Stuart. Feelings of lessened frustration toward officials…

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