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Florida drinking water among worst

Florida drinking water ranks among nation’s worst, study finds By Jenny Staletovitch May 2, 2017 Miami Herald More Floridians are exposed to unsafe drinking water than just about anywhere in the country, according to a new study of violations. The state ranked second in the number of people impacted by violations under the Safe Drinking…

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EPA fracking report offers few answers on drinking water

By Matthew Daly December 13, 2016 Associated Press/Miami Herald WASHINGTON Is hydraulic fracturing — better known as fracking — safe, as the oil and gas industry claims? Or does the controversial drilling technique that has spurred a domestic energy boom contaminate drinking water, as environmental groups and other critics charge? After six years and more…

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Maxwell: Florida’s water woes are bad and getting worse. Do you care?

By Scott Maxwell August 2, 2016 Orlando Sentinel A few weeks ago, Florida made national news for being coated in thick, green, toxic algae. It looked like a river of snot. It smelled worse. And it mangled the economy along the St. Lucie River and Treasure Coast. Anyone with one good eye and nostril knew…

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