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USGS Finds 28 Types of Cyanobacteria in Florida Algal Bloom

USGS Press Release May 31, 2017 A new U.S. Geological Survey study that looked at the extensive harmful algal bloom that plagued Florida last year found far more types of cyanobacteria present than previously known. Twenty-eight species of cyanobacteria were identified in the extensive bloom, which occurred in the summer of 2016 in southern Florida’s…

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Poisoning A River of Grass

By Jessica M. Castillo January 23, 2017 University of Miami In less than a 20-minute drive west, Larry Brand leaves Miami’s suburban sprawl and reaches the Everglades, where he’s been tracking the toxic algal blooms that are increasingly assaulting the diverse ecosystem, threatening South Florida’s water supply, fishing industry, tourism and even health. A specialist…

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