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POINT OF VIEW: Negron’s plan for Everglades worth considering

By Sarah Heard January 8, 2016 Palm Beach Post Last summer, Florida’s incoming Senate President Joe Negron stepped into a controversy over Everglades restoration with an offer that no one should have been able to refuse. The whole idea of fixing the South Florida water management system and restoring the Everglades was about to fall…

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Give Sen. Negron’s plan a chance

By Maggy Hurchalla December 29, 2016 Florida Today A statewide campaign to discredit Sen. Joe Negron’s effort to “Buy the land to send the water south” is now underway. Opponents quote U.S. Sugar’s full-page ads that say we don’t need to send water south because 90 percent of the dirty water flowing into Lake Okeechobee…

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