Martin County Opposes Brightline

Guest column: Martin County opposes Brightline, despite South Florida support By Taryn Kryzda, Martin County Administrator April 26, 2017 TC Palm Over the past several decades, many counties in South Florida have authorized expansions of urban development boundaries, towering building heights, increased density and construction of new roads to support surging growth. We acknowledge why the […]

FEC tracks pose unprecedented threat

LNG, ethanol on FEC tracks pose unprecedented threat, local fire chiefs say By Lisa Broadt April 17, 2017 Treasure Coast fire chiefs say they are unprepared for the dangers posed by hazardous materials transported on the Florida East Coast Railway tracks. Expected increases in freight traffic, the addition of Miami-to-Orlando Brightline passenger rail service and a likely […]

FDFC silent after lawmakers question All Aboard Florida bonding process

By Peter Schorsch April 13, 2017 Saint Peters Blog Two Republican lawmakers are still waiting for a response from the Florida Development Finance Corporation about its approval of a $600 million private equity bond application for All Aboard Florida. The rail project is seeking to provide passenger service from Miami to West Palm Beach and, […]

High-speed train bill could stall All Aboard Florida’s Brightline

By Jennifer Sorentrue March 14, 2017 Palm Beach Post The day after All Aboard Florida’s Brightline welcomed the second train in its growing fleet, officials with the private rail venture said a proposed billregulating high-speed trains could threaten its expansion to Orlando and other points across the state. The bill (SB 386), dubbed the Florida High-Speed […]

High-speed rail connecting Miami to Orlando is delayed, again

By Ken Storey March 13, 2017 Orlando Weekly The West Palm Beach-to-Orlando leg of the passenger train service Brightline, formerly known as All Aboard Florida, announces yet another delay. This comes just months after Martin and Indian River counties filed federal lawsuits attempting to block the bond-based financing that Brightline planned to use to help […]

Lawmakers seek requirements on rail operators

By Jim Turner January 17, 2017 News Service of Florida TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Treasure Coast lawmakers, concerned about a passenger railroad service that will travel through their districts, want high-speed operators to pay for safety upgrades. Targeted at All Aboard Florida’s Brightline service, which is planned to eventually link Miami and Orlando, the measure (SB 386) […]

Guest column: We will continue fight against Brightline passenger rail

By Taryn Kryzda, Martin County Administrator January 12, 2017 TC Palm In 2014, Martin County began its fight to protect its residents from the negative effects rail expansion, including All Aboard Florida’s (aka Brightline) proposed passenger rail project. We have remained committed to preventing or reducing the many threats to the health, safety and well-being of […]

Letter: All Aboard Florida has dubious future ahead

By Nicholas Schaus of Vero Beach December 22, 2016 TC Palm (Letter to the Editor) All Aboard Florida’s first passenger train, Brightline, went through Vero Beach at 1 a.m. Dec. 14. There were no passengers, as it was manufactured in California and was headed south to be used on the 66-mile Palm Beach-to- Miami “phase one” of the high-speed […]

All Aboard Florida key financing information made public

By Lisa Broadt December 16, 2016 TC Palm The five brightly colored train cars and two locomotives that rolled through the Treasure Coast early Wednesday morning cost All Aboard Florida $83 million, according to financial information made public for the first time Thursday in court documents. All Aboard Florida’s total price tag for its first five trains is $415 […]