Column: Use Amendment 1 money as intended — to conserve Florida’s natural land

By Ryan Smart, Special to the Tampa Bay Times March 15, 2017 Tampa Bay Times Last week the Florida Senate betrayed the intent of Florida voters who overwhelmingly passed Amendment 1, the Florida Water and Land Conservation Amendment, in 2014. Changes to Senate Bill 10, Senate President Joe Negron’s laudable effort to prevent damaging Lake […]

Lost in translation: whatever happened to Amendment 1?

BY ROGER WILLIAMS Nathaniel Reed, a born-and-raised Florida boy, stepped out of his home on the southern terminus of the Indian Riverlagoon one early morning last week, looked up the river where he can see five miles on a clear day, and spotted a pod of dolphins. “They weren’t feeding on snook,” he says. “They […]

Environmental Group Files Suit Against Legislature over Amendment 1

from State lawmakers misused almost half the money available through a constitutional amendment to conserve land and water, environmental activists claimed in a lawsuit filed Monday. A legal challenge had been expected after the Legislature passed a budget Friday that uses the largest chunk of the $740 million available through Amendment 1 to pay […]

Environmental Groups Consider Litigation following Amendment 1 Disappointment

from Environmentalists could soon go on the offense over what they describe as the Legislature’s failure to meet the intent of a constitutional amendment to boost land and water conservation.  The day after lawmakers came to an agreement over how to spend about $750 million available through Amendment 1, approved by 75 percent of […]

Water’s Disappointing Outcome

Deal Reached for State’s Environmental Spending Plan, from TALLAHASSEE — After almost 36 hours without holding a meeting, budget-writers emerged Sunday night with a deal for the state’s environmental budget, including nearly $750 million to meet a constitutional amendment passed by voters in November. The spending plan includes the budget for Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam […]

tcpalm: Sen. Negron Likely Can’t Secure $500 Million to move Lake O Water South

A proposal to reduce Lake Okeechobee discharges is likely dead this year after lawmakers decided they won’t use the state’s credit card to pay for environmental projects. Sen. Joe Negron’s plan to finance up to $500 million to buy land south of the lake to build a reservoir to move excess water away from the […]

Tampa Tribute | Editorial: Historic contempt for voters

Years from now, history will cruelly judge this colossally dysfunctional Florida Legislature — but not primarily because of the Senate and House conflict over Medicaid, which caused Speaker Steve Crisafulli to abruptly adjourn early in a fit of pique. Granted, the action made the House leadership look ridiculous. But childish antics are not novel in […]

Editorial: Florida lawmakers poised to make historic mistake

The editorial by The Miami Herald urges lawmakers to purchase over 46,000 acres of land from U.S. Sugar in an effort to help save the Everglades. The Miami Herald Florida lawmakers may be on the verge of making a mistake of historic proportions by letting a splendid opportunity to aid Everglades restoration and clean up […]