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Everglades dolphins have record-high mercury levels, FIU study shows

By Tyler Treadway December 26, 2016 TC Palm Dolphins in the Everglades and the Indian River Lagoon are sending us a warning about how mercury accumulates in their bodies and ours. A study Florida International University scientists published in the scientific journal Environmental Pollution in October found bottlenose dolphins in the Everglades, particularly along the northeastern shore…

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Deadly Disease Stalking Lagoon Manatees

By JIM ASH WFSU-FM July 20, 2016 Biologists say a mysterious disease is making a comeback in the northern Indian River Lagoon, where nine manatees have died since the end of May. The latest deaths bring the total to about 150 in the past four years, says Save the Manatee Club science and conservation director…

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