Steep decline in wading bird nesting, SFWMD annual report shows

By Dacia L. Johnson
March 8, 2017
TC Palm

The South Florida Water Management District this week released its annual South Florida Wading Bird Report which showed the lowest wading bird nesting count since 2008.

Compared to the 10-year average in the Greater Everglades Ecosystem:

  • white ibis nesting was down 45 percent
  • wood stork nesting was down 38 percent
  • snowy egret nesting was down 51 percent
  • little blue Heron nesting was down 61 percent
  • tricolored heron nesting was down 16 percent
  • great egret nesting was down 7 percent
  • roseate spoonbill nesting up 20 percent overall but mainly in inland areas

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