Letter to Governor Scott

While we appreciate the Governor declaring a State of Emergency yesterday due to our water crisis, we know that every voice counts in this fight to stop this devastating situation. Here’s our letter:

Dear Governor Scott,greenocean_small

Thank you for declaring a State of Emergency.

Certainly this cannot be your vision of Florida? Yet it is the vision we are facing everyday.

As you know, algae bloom is everywhere, even in the ocean. Beaches are closed. Kids can’t play in the water. Our part of Florida is buried in green muck. The smell is so strong people have breathing problems. And, the media is promoting this disaster daily.

Enough’s enough.
For us, this is 2013 all over again. Only worse. The health of our citizens is in danger. Businesses are suffering because water activities have been stopped. Jobs will be lost. Tourists will stay home. Retirees will reconsider. The Treasure Coast will quickly face lost revenue. And, publicity will ensure the state is tarnished as well.

The Guardians of Martin County thank you for taking action.
We’re the Guardians of Martin County, a non-profit organization committed to saving our natural resources and the quality of life of our citizens. For the sake of our state, we demand that you find a solution to get rid of the algae during this State of Emergency.

Put Longer Term Solutions In Place, Now
Just as importantly, we strongly urge that you use this critical emergency action as a first step in developing a long-term solution to Florida’s clean water future. The long-term solution is for Lake Okeechobee discharges to send water south, not east and west. For years, this solution has been the subject of debate. An amendment providing funding for such a solution was passed by more than 75% of Florida voters. It’s time to stop haggling and make this plan real before the state’s vacation image is ruined and counties to our south like Miami/Dade run out of fresh water completely.

Give us back our clean water to save us all from the threat of skin damage or internal poisoning. Give our kids clean water to play in so they can love life without fear. Give tourists reason to visit Florida, not to stay away.

Governor, we stand with our citizens, our Commissioners and all the organizations fighting for clean water throughout the state. You’re the one person who can fix this problem in both the short and longer term. This is not a political issue. Clean water is one thing we can’t live without. So, as you say, “Let’s get to work.” Stop the muck for good.

Thank you,
Peter H. Conze, Jr.

Download the letter here:
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