Debbie Mayfield’s high-speed-rail bill passed by Florida Senate committee

Great news! The Florida Transportation bill passed 5 to 0. Thank you to our senators for their support in establishing safety standards which will protect our citizens from the risks of high speed trains.
Further, any high speed train operating in the state will have to pay, themselves, for the cost of any upgrades to these crossings. They cannot shift costs to local taxpayers.

Thanks to Senator Debbie Mayfield  for co-sponsoring this bill, along with Senator and Chair George Gainer.  

– The Guardians of Martin County


Senator Debbie Mayfield

By Lisa Broadt
March 14, 2017
TC Palm

A bill which would allow greater local regulation of high-speed rail service was passed Tuesday by the state Senate Transportation Committee.

The Florida High-Speed Passenger Rail Safety Act —S.B. 386, sponsored by state Sen. Debbie Mayfield, R-Melbourne — would give the Florida Department of Transportation wide authority to regulate high-speed rail, including Brightline’s Miami-to-Orlando passenger railroad.

The bill, which defines “high-speed” rail as traveling faster than 80 mph, would strengthen public-disclosure, including requiring railroads to publish information about rail safety and accidents, and would grant local governments a greater voice in decisions about installing fencing around the railroad corridor.

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