Could This Disaster Happen Here?

The Guardians of Martin County & Citizens Against The Train Fund continue to raise awareness about the potential dangers associated with All Aboard Florida through public awareness campaigns like this newspaper ad that is running in The Stuart News & The Palm Beach Post.

Valhalla_webThis horrific crash recently took the life of a young mother and five others in Valhalla, NY. In South Florida we’ve learned how to survive hurricanes. But if All Aboard Florida invades, are we prepared for what could happen?

The Danger Is Real
Nationwide in 2013 there were 2,096 accidents at grade crossings resulting in 288 deaths. In the same year, Florida ranked sixth in the country in grade crossing deaths without even having a major passenger service in the state. That’s bad.

Our Many Grade Crossings Increase Risk
Evidence suggests more grade crossings lead to more accidents. The Treasure Coast has more than 100 grade crossings. When All Aboard Florida adds 32 trains a day to that number of crossings, the potential for disaster rises exponentially. Then suppose this happens in Martin County where school buses cross railroad tracks 350 times a day. Something must be done.

Eliminate Risk, Don’t Reduce It
The best way to prevent grade crossing accidents in south Florida is to eliminate the trains before they start. No one knows how many accidents may occur on a rail line. But, we do know that no passenger trains means no passenger train accidents. Let’s eliminate the risk.

Stop The Money, Stop The Train
All Aboard Florida is not a done deal. They have not secured the $2 billion in financing they need to build tracks and trains. Issuance of their Private Activity Bonds and their $1.7 billion Federal loan request both require approval of the Environmental Impact Statement. Then come the legal challenges. Without money, the trains don’t start. That’s good.

Stop All Aboard Florida Now
It’s A Bad Deal, Not a Done Deal

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