Florida drinking water among worst

Florida drinking water ranks among nation’s worst, study finds By Jenny Staletovitch May 2, 2017 Miami Herald More Floridians are exposed to unsafe drinking water than just about anywhere in the country, according to a new study of violations. The state ranked second in the number of people impacted by violations under the Safe Drinking […]

Water Shortage Warning

South Florida under a water shortage warning By The Associated Press April 17, 2017 Sun Sentinel MIAMI (AP) — South Florida water managers issued a water shortage warning that asked more than 8 million residents to conserve water and follow lawn-watering rules. The South Florida Water Management District issued the warning for residents from Orlando […]

Florida, ‘show your work’ behind water changes

By Bob Palmer January 6, 2017 Florida Today Regulators won’t reveal the science or calculations behind new environmental standards. Think back to sixth grade. Remember those pesky math tests where your teacher wouldn’t give you any credit if you didn’t “show your work.”  Otherwise, he’d suspect that you’d peeked and copied from the smart girl […]

The Guardians of Martin County Present A New Path To Clean Water

This clean water flowing through the Everglades is not only beautiful, it also holds the key to our survival as Floridians. Florida is facing a potential water crisis due to “water waste”. Hundreds of billions of gallons of fresh water from Lake Okeechobee are being “wasted to tide” every year through drainage canals that discharge […]

Everglades’ water at risk from sea-level rise, scientists say

By Andy Reid December 15, 2016 Sun Sentinel Climate change and other hurdles mean it will take more water — and potentially more taxpayer money — to save the Everglades, according to new scientific findings released Thursday. The report to Congress warns that rising seas and warming temperatures are threatening to worsen damage already done […]

Public must be warned about environmental threats

By the Sun Sentinel Editorial Board December 1, 2016 Sun Sentinel Three months ago, as Florida was still reeling from one environmental disaster — toxic algae blooms on both coasts — the state suffered another. More than 200 million gallons of contaminated water leaked into the Floridan Aquifer, the primary source of drinking water for […]

Florida at risk of facing water-supply strain over next 50 years, report warns

By Andy Reid November 15, 2016 Sun Sentinel If growing Florida keeps sucking up water, we risk not having enough to meet our needs in the next 50 years, a new study says. Residents and businesses would have to pay more to turn salt water into drinking water. More farms could disappear. And wetlands like […]

Critics: Poor water management will lead to shortages for some

Big Sugar believes that people on the coast do not know what they are talking about. (See the end of the article.)  What happens, though, when we run out of water? – Guardians of Martin County By Chad Gillis October 20, 2016 News-Press.com Florida has a love-hate relationship with water. The economy is based largely on beaches, […]

We can’t ignore Florida’s water quality

By Ron Patrick September 18, 2016 Tallahassee Democrat Florida must not become Flint. Florida elected leaders have embarked on a path to allow even more pollution in our waterways. At a time when the governor of Florida failed to appoint the environmental seat and the local government seat to the Florida Environmental Regulatory Commission, the commission […]

Report: Half of Florida lakes’ surface have ‘elevated’ algae levels

By Jim Waymer August 5, 2016 Florida Today Florida waters are growing greener, saltier and more toxic in some parts, according to a new report on the state’s waters. The report from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection shows a mixed bag for the state’s waters, with many trending toward more-frequent toxic algae blooms, fueled […]