The “willpower and commitment” behind protecting Florida’s Everglades

By CBS News / Jeff Glor December 22, 2016 CBS Morning News [The CBS News] ongoing series, “America the Beautiful,” celebrates 100 years of the National Park Service. In this installment, we take you to the Everglades. The Southern Florida swamp is the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States. CBS News correspondent Jeff Glor visited […]

Everglades’ water at risk from sea-level rise, scientists say

By Andy Reid December 15, 2016 Sun Sentinel Climate change and other hurdles mean it will take more water — and potentially more taxpayer money — to save the Everglades, according to new scientific findings released Thursday. The report to Congress warns that rising seas and warming temperatures are threatening to worsen damage already done […]

Congress approves Everglades project aimed at bringing water south

By Jenny Staletovich December 12, 2016 Miami Herald Everglades restoration scored a major victory over the weekend when Congress approved a long-awaited waterworks bill. The $10 billion bill comes at the end of a year filled with water woes that wilted Florida Bay and left Treasure Coast estuaries coated in slimy green algae, and includes […]

Environmentalists push to keep federal oversight of Loxahatchee refuge

By Andy Reid December 5, 2016 Sun Sentinel State leaders’ push to evict the federal government from running the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge threatens to weaken protections for the Everglades, environmentalists warned Monday. Environmental groups and community leaders are voicing concerns about the state proposal to oust the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service from overseeing […]

Everglades mangroves’ carbon storage capacity worth billions

By Cheryl Dybas, NSF and Evelyn Gonzalez, FIU November 14, 2016 National Science Foundation   When it comes to storing carbon, scientists have put a price tag on the value of mangroves in South Florida’s Everglades — and it’s in the billions. Mangrove forests absorb carbon dioxide, and much of that carbon remains trapped in the trees’ […]

Miami-Dade County Bans Fracking, Citing Multiple Environmental Concerns

By Kate Stein October 10, 2016 WLRN Fracking is now banned in Miami-Dade County, thanks to an ordinance passed unanimously last Wednesday by county commissioners. The process captures natural gas reserves by injecting high pressure streams of water, sand and chemicals into the earth. The Miami-Dade ordinance says fracking could contaminate county water supplies, including […]

U.S. House signs off on key Everglades work

BY JENNY STALETOVICH September 28, 2016 Miami Herald The U.S. House passed its version of a major water bill Wednesday, clearing the way for a big chunk of work needed to restore Florida’s ailing Everglades. In a 399-25 vote, representatives overwhelmingly approved the Water Resources Development Act that includes the Central Everglades Planning Project, a […]

Sen. Joe Negron’s plan to stop Lake Okeechobee discharges must clean Everglades-bound water

By Tyler Treadway August 10, 2016 TCPalm One significant factor is missing from state Sen. Joe Negron’s plan to build a reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee and stop discharges to the St. Lucie River, say environmental scientists. The water sent south to the Everglades has to be clean. Negron’s plan unveiled Tuesday calls for water […]

Sugar farmers struggle to meet Everglades pollution limit

By Jenny Staletovich August 9, 2016 Miami Herald Farmers in the Everglades just barely met the legal requirement for cutting pollution in water over the last year. According to figures released this week by the South Florida Water Management District, growers dominated by the sugar industry in the 470,000-acre Everglades Agricultural Area cut phosphorus flowing […]

To get rid of toxic algae, end farms’ special status

By Randy Schultz Sun-Sentinel July 6, 2016 As Florida’s latest environmental crisis has blossomed, Gov. Rick Scott has done what he does in every crisis: blame someone else. Martin County made national news in a bad way over the weekend. Toxic algae blooms had closed beaches and fouled inland waterways. A similar outbreak in 2013 […]