A Big Victory To Save Martin County Wetlands!

YOU DID IT! Martin County residents spoke up for their County and saved small urban wetlands. Comprehensive Plan Amendment 17-7 which would have allowed the destruction of half-acre or smaller wetlands within the urban services district has been withdrawn by the applicant. With our videos and scientific paper, we provided first-hand observations, scientific data, and […]

The Benefits of Small Wetlands

Update: 4/20/17 The amendment has been withdrawn by the applicant! The Comprehensive Plan Amendment to weaken protection for little wetlands is coming before the Martin County Commission on Tuesday, April 25th.  The agenda item is comprehensive plan amendment 17-07. The Martin County Local Planning Agency (LPA) voted 3 to 1 to reject the comp amendment that would […]

Special Report on Wetlands

Recently a land planner requested a change in the Martin County Comp Plan, which protects small wetlands. The LPA recently voted against this public request. It now goes before Martin County Commissioners on April 25th. Listen to residents and experts discuss the value of small wetlands in our latest video: Please sign the petition to […]

First Big Win In Effort to Save Small Wetlands

Written by Stuart Attorney Virginia Sherlock of Littman, Sherlock & Heims, P.A. The Local Planning Agency voted 3-1 in a jam-packed chamber Thursday evening to deny approval for CPA 17-07 that would allow the destruction of small urban wetlands. LPA Chair Jim Moir and members Don Foley and Cindy Hall voted to approve the staff […]

Guest column: Are ‘little’ wetlands worth saving? [Excerpt]

By Maggy Hurchalla February 22, 2017 TC Palm . . . Recently, the chairman of the Martin County Commission and the head of the Economic Council of Martin County joined Big Sugar in opposing Senate President Joe Negron’s plan to save our St. Lucie River estuary and the Everglades. It’s beginning to look like anti-environment sentiments are growing […]

Save Our Small Wetlands, Sign Petition

Please consider signing this petition to protect small urban wetlands in Martin County!