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Greg Braun to Martin County Commissioners: What’s good for the environment is good for the community.

Speaking on behalf of "The Guardians of Martin County," Ecologist Greg Braun urges M.C. Commissioners to support proposed revisions to the Comprehensive Growth Management Plan.

Editorial by Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers: Help save our waterways

Click the link below to read the Scripps Treasure Coast Newspaper editorial to President Obama: Help save our waterways  

Martin County Taxpayers Association: County must choose funding source to dredge St. Lucie Inlet based on sound reasoning, not politics

Editorial: Lake Point restoration project illustrates folly of Martin County entering into decades-long agreements

  The Stuart News editorial regarding  how County officials should make a rule: Don't tie the hands of future commissions by signing decades-long agreements like the one the county has with ...

Customs facility at Witham Field inches closer to becoming reality

With Chairwoman Heard questioning the projected income and costs presented for the customs facility at Witham Field, the plans to bring the facility to fruition continue.

Sarah Heard: Thanks, President Obama, for supporting Everglades restoration project; please help us complete the job

Chairwoman Heard pens a letter to President Obama while he visits the Treasure Coast.

Commentary: Demand that Scott, Legislature restore Florida’s rivers

The following article is written by Bob Graham, former Florida governor and U.S. senator along with Nathaniel P. Reed, former assistant secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior & ...

Floridian Golf Club’s developers will proceed with waterfront homes plan

Martin County Commissioners voted 3-2 in favor of denying a rehearing of the development plan to build a series of waterfront homes 25 feet off the shore of the C-23 canal. ...

Maggy Hurchalla to Commissioners: Soon the COMP Plan revisions project will become YOUR effort.

Former Martin County Commissioner Maggy Hurchalla addresses current Commissioners with this message about the proposed COMP Plan revisions: