House shouldn’t squander chance to help the Everglades

Lawmakers in Florida House shouldn’t squander best chance yet to help the Everglades By Miami Herald Editorial Board April 22, 2017 The Florida Senate gets it. As a result, Senate lawmakers have passed one of the most carefully crafted bills yet to ensure the health of the Everglades. As environmentalists, water-dependent businesses, economists and tourists […]

No more excuses on Everglades reservoir | Editorial

By Sun Sentinel Editorial Board April 6, 2017 Sun Sentinel The Florida Legislature has compromised on a vital Everglades project without compromising the goal. By a vote of 16-2, the Senate Appropriations Committee on Wednesday approved an amended version of Senate Bill 10. It would create a reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee to store fresh […]

Bob Graham: Support for environment being ignored

By Bob Graham April 4, 2017 The Gainesville Sun The Constitutional Revision Commission recently began holding meetings to propose amendments to the Florida Constitution. Based on the Florida Legislature’s recent actions, they may as well put an amendment on the 2018 ballot eliminating the first three words of the Florida Constitution, “We the people,” because […]

No money for Lake Okeechobee reservoir in Florida House budget

By Isadora Rangel March 28, 2017 TC Palm TALLAHASSEE — The state House wants to cut land conservation funding and, as expected, not fund a reservoir to curb Lake Okeechobee discharges, according to its proposed environmental budget released Tuesday. The budget also would reduce Everglades and springs restoration funding compared with what the Legislature allocated last year. It […]

Help the Everglades, help the economy | Editorial

Editorial March 18. 2017 Sun Sentinel Historic legislation to protect the Everglades and waterways throughout Florida continues to gain momentum in the Legislature. Not only should Tallahassee act this year, Tallahassee must act this year. Two committees have approved Senate Bill 10, which would provide money for a reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee. Approval in […]

Column: Use Amendment 1 money as intended — to conserve Florida’s natural land

By Ryan Smart, Special to the Tampa Bay Times March 15, 2017 Tampa Bay Times Last week the Florida Senate betrayed the intent of Florida voters who overwhelmingly passed Amendment 1, the Florida Water and Land Conservation Amendment, in 2014. Changes to Senate Bill 10, Senate President Joe Negron’s laudable effort to prevent damaging Lake […]

Water managers declare Everglades nearly clean; the people who live there say not yet

By Jenny Staletovitch March 3, 2017 Miami Herald For much of the last year, the South Florida Water Management District has circulated a set of maps plotting water quality that it says proves just how clean the Everglades have become, essentially declaring victory in a critical step toward restoring the swamp. But the Miccosukee Tribe, […]

Everglades Foundation: Restoration project would have $20 billion impact

By Susan Salisbury February 28, 2017 Palm Beach Post As the controversy over a proposal to purchase land for a reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee continues, Tuesday the Everglades Foundation released a 20-page study on the economic benefits of two other  proposed Everglades restoration projects. Senate President Joe Negron has proposed SB 10, which calls […]

Florida water managers call for ending federal court oversight of Everglades clean-up

By Jenny Staletovitch February 23, 2017 Miami Herald A quarter century after the state promised to clean up polluted farm water fouling the Everglades in a historic federal court order, water managers say its time to end the judicial oversight. In an email earlier this month, an attorney for the South Florida Water Management District […]

Column: A Mistake by the lake — and how we now have a second chance for our water

By Dan Burkhardt February 14, 2017 Tampa Bay Times Think of it this way. Seventy-five years ago, your neighbor had three chickens. Over the years one thing led to another, and those three chickens turned into 300,000. Now when it rains, your property is awash in what goes with your neighbor’s chickens — chicken feed, […]