Rain dilemma may be result of too much development

By Drew Martin July 13, 2017 Palm Beach Post POINT OF VIEW: Rain dilemma may be result of too much development In The Palm Beach Post story, “Water can flow into endangered sparrow territory,” (June 29), discussing the seaside sparrow versus flooding north of the Tamiami Trail, it was suggested that only two solutions existed for […]

Help the Everglades, help the economy | Editorial

Editorial March 18. 2017 Sun Sentinel Historic legislation to protect the Everglades and waterways throughout Florida continues to gain momentum in the Legislature. Not only should Tallahassee act this year, Tallahassee must act this year. Two committees have approved Senate Bill 10, which would provide money for a reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee. Approval in […]

Guest column: Invest in reservoir now — not later

By Nathaniel P. Reed March 10, 2017 TC Palm There is nothing complicated about the need to invest in the so-called Everglades Agricultural Area reservoir. One need only understand that water flows downhill. When Florida’s rains are heavy, the water flows down from the Kissimmee River valley and into Lake Okeechobee; it has to go somewhere […]

Analysis: EAA farmers refuse to sell land for Lake O discharges plan

By Isadora Rangel February 6, 2017 TC Palm  A bill to curb Lake Okeechobee discharges hit a roadblock the day before its first hearing as 14 landowners announced Monday they aren’t willing to sell land for a reservoir. Sugar giants U.S. Sugar Corp. and Florida Crystals, as well as smaller farmers who own at least 2,500 […]