Why We Need A Comp Plan by Maggy Hurchalla

Former Martin County Commissioner Maggy Hurchalla’s speech from the Martin County Conservation Alliance Forum April 22, 2017  WHY WE NEED A COMP PLAN Martin County is notorious for being different. We grow slower than the other counties on the SE coast of Florida. In spite of that we have a better economy. Because of that, we […]

First Big Win In Effort to Save Small Wetlands

Written by Stuart Attorney Virginia Sherlock of Littman, Sherlock & Heims, P.A. The Local Planning Agency voted 3-1 in a jam-packed chamber Thursday evening to deny approval for CPA 17-07 that would allow the destruction of small urban wetlands. LPA Chair Jim Moir and members Don Foley and Cindy Hall voted to approve the staff […]

No Appeal on Comp Plan Amendment

From Stuart Attorney Ginny Sherlock: The Amendment revising Chapters 1, 2 and 4 of the Martin County Comprehensive Growth Management Plan to restore protections lost in the Future Group re-write and a remedial amendment are now in effect. No appeal has been filed. The original amendment was challenged by King Ranch, Becker Groves, the Lake […]

Guest Column: Maggy Hurchalla: Restoration of septic rules a gift for our waterways

By Maggy Hurchalla TC Palm.com January 7, 2016 Tallahassee gave Martin County waterways a late Christmas present when a state planning agency issued a final order finding the county’s amendments to the sewer chapter of its comprehensive plan were in compliance with state law on all counts. The saga started in 2009 when a group […]

Chapter 10 Win: DEO says Amendment in compliance

The Department of Economic Opportunity has issued a Final Order finding the Amendment to Chapter 10 of the Martin County Comprehensive Plan to be “in compliance” with state law. Entry of the Final Order means the amendment to the Sanitary Sewer Element of the Comp Plan is now effective. The amendment: — eliminates the Expressway […]

Home Rule Issue: State Officials overriding local preferences in development

Letter to Editor by Myra Galoci, Jensen Beach tcpalm.com Listening to a Palm Beach County lawyer at the Martin County Conserevation Alliance recently was scary. Lisa Interlandi pointed out how western Palm Beach County is being turned into mega developments and 12-lane roads. And we can’t even blame the local politicians who are supposed to […]

Palm Beach Post: Big wins give hope to keeping Lake Point developers in check

By Sally Swartz, Columnist September 13, 2012 Victories in the ongoing battles between Martin County residents and governments and Lake Point — plus an unrelated win upholding Martin’s protective growth plan — gave county residents reason to celebrate last week. Forbes 400 billionaire George Lindemann Sr. and his millionaire son, George Lindemann Jr. are developers […]

Court dismisses Lake Point rockpit’s Public Records Act claims against Martin County

Protecting the Martin County Comprehensive Growth Management Plan helps protect our treasured “Martin County Difference.” Judge McManus has denied claims filed by the Lake Point rockpit owners against Martin County pursuant to the Public Records Act (Chapter 119, Florida Statutes). The claims were presented during a two-day trial that concluded on Monday. In a four-page […]

Martin County didn’t break public records law

MARTIN COUNTY — A Circuit Court judge Thursday denied Lake Point developers’ claims that Martin County broke state public-records law. Lake Point has made several allegations against the county, including that it altered, destroyed and delayed the production of public records. The records include emails and County Commissioner Sarah Heard’s notes. Judge F. Shields McManus […]

Fights for Controlled Growth Ongoing for Martin Residents

Palm Beach Post Blogger Sally Swartz: Fights for controlled growth ongoing for Martin residents Martin County residents aren’t afraid of Big Sugar’s Tallahassee lobbyists or of what former commissioner Maggy Hurchalla calls “big bad wolves with deep pockets and lots of lawyers.” And the new bully on the block, “Big Choo Choo,” another threat to […]