Effort to help regulate high speed rail isn’t playing politics

By Brent Hanlon March 24, 2017 Sun Sentinel Judging by their recent combative media push, All Aboard Florida (AAF) must really be worried about the possibility of having to publicly address the safety and financial concerns so many of us have expressed. First it was an op-ed full of half-truths and threats in the Sun […]

We’re still fighting All Aboard Florida

By Brent Hanlon November 4, 2016 TC Palm Friends and neighbors of the Treasure Coast and North Palm Beach communities — I want to remind you that as we cast our ballots over the next several days to elect (or re-elect) candidates to public office, we have an opportunity, a responsibility, to select the right […]

CARE FL Informational Meeting Tuesday, November 15

Please attend CARE FL’s informational meeting. From the CARE FL website: CARE FL Informational Meeting Tuesday, November 15, 2016 — 7pm to 9pm Stay the course against All Aboard Florida, please join us for a informational update meeting on what CARE FL has been doing to stop this ill-conceived passenger rail project. Tickets are free and […]

Stay the Course Against All Aboard Florida!

Get the latest updates on the fight against AAF! Presented by Citizens Against Rail Expansion in Florida The fight against All Aboard Florida is far from over. For over a year, Citizens Against Rail Expansion has been working tirelessly to keep All Aboard Florida out of the Treasure Coast. On Friday, November 6th, CARE FL […]

All Aboard Florida update: Stay the course: It’s not time to give up!

In recent weeks, there has been lots of talk about giving up on the struggle to defeat All Aboard Florida (AAF). We are Citizens Against Rail Expansion (CARE FL) and we think giving up is a bad idea. AAF offers the residents of our community nothing. In exchange for nothing, we will get more freight […]

Update from CARE FL on Opposition to Final Environmental Impact Statement

CARE FL’s Comments on Final Environmental Impact Statement Actions To: Concerned Citizens From: Brent P. Hanlon, Treasurer of CARE FL Date: September 25, 2015 Subject: CARE FL’s Comments on Final Environmental Impact Statement Shown below is latest communication to the media regarding CARE FL’s comments on the FRA’s Final Environmental Impact Statement; which was submitted […]

tcpalm.com: AAF foes spend thousands on response to closed report

With their official options for recourse dwindling, local All Aboard Florida opponents have gone rogue in their fight against the passenger rail project, spending thousands of dollars crafting responses to an environmental report that the federal government says is closed to comments. Martin and Indian River counties argue that the report, All Aboard Florida’s final […]

The Fight Continues Against All Aboard Florida: Update Letter from CARE FL

To: Concerned Citizens From: Brent Hanlon, Treasurer – CARE FL Date: September 2, 2015 Since my last update to you on June 25, 2015, CARE FL along with Martin, Indian River and St. Lucie Counties have been actively involved to stop the AAF Project. Significant developments and planned activities follow but let me stress upfront […]

Sun Sentinel: Will Growing Opposition Stop Rail Project in its tracks?

New high-powered group forms to thwart All Aboard Florida By Michael Mayo Sun Sentinel Columnist All aboard, Florida? Not exactly. It seems every time the folks from All Aboard Florida unveil pretty drawings of a shiny new station, another organized group sprouts to oppose the proposed Miami-to-Orlando rail service. It happened again last week. First […]