Analysis: EAA farmers refuse to sell land for Lake O discharges plan

By Isadora Rangel February 6, 2017 TC Palm  A bill to curb Lake Okeechobee discharges hit a roadblock the day before its first hearing as 14 landowners announced Monday they aren’t willing to sell land for a reservoir. Sugar giants U.S. Sugar Corp. and Florida Crystals, as well as smaller farmers who own at least 2,500 […]

Gil Smart: Battle joined on Negron plan

By Gil Smart January 13, 2017 TC Palm State Sen. Rob Bradley said he’s ready to carry water, so to speak, for Senate President Joe Negron. But there sure are a lot of people trying to make him spill it. Bradley chairs the Florida Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on the Environment and Natural Resources, a mouthful […]

Eve Samples: Buy the land south of Lake Okeechobee — don’t buy the excuses

By Eve Samples January 13, 2017 TC Palm State lawmakers have every reason to pull the trigger on buying land south of Lake Okeechobee this year. These are the biggies: Toxic algae is fresh in our memories: It choked the St. Lucie River last summer, following months of polluted discharges from Lake O. It was one of the worst blooms […]

Big Sugar’s slime flows north to the Capitol

By Carl Hiaasen January 15, 2017 Miami Herald The paid soldiers in Gov. Rick Scott’s war on the environment are aligning to block state efforts to purchase any farm lands south of Lake Okeechobee, which means Floridians can look forward to more summers of slime. Nightmare algae blooms, vile and job-killing, are destined to be […]

POINT OF VIEW The water is going the wrong way

By Kimberly Mitchell December 27, 2016 Palm Beach Post For many, the discussion of Everglades restoration can get a bit overwhelming. The complex, man-made water management problems we face involve not just water quality, but also water quantity, timing and distribution. Today, America’s Everglades are collapsing from a lack of clean freshwater. Sugar growers Florida […]

The Guardians of Martin County Present A New Path To Clean Water

This clean water flowing through the Everglades is not only beautiful, it also holds the key to our survival as Floridians. Florida is facing a potential water crisis due to “water waste”. Hundreds of billions of gallons of fresh water from Lake Okeechobee are being “wasted to tide” every year through drainage canals that discharge […]

Sugar-cane growing on state land misses pollution-cleanup goal, records show

By Andy Reid December 11, 2016 Sun Sentinel Two sugar cane farms repeatedly failing to meet Everglades pollution-cleanup goals remain in business thanks to an accommodating landlord — the state of Florida. The two farms, leasing a combined 1,200 acres of publicly owned land in Palm Beach County, generate large spikes in water pollution, state […]

Critics: Poor water management will lead to shortages for some

Big Sugar believes that people on the coast do not know what they are talking about. (See the end of the article.)  What happens, though, when we run out of water? – Guardians of Martin County By Chad Gillis October 20, 2016 Florida has a love-hate relationship with water. The economy is based largely on beaches, […]

The Big Sugar Sham?

October 19, 2016 A strange state-level issue spilled into an awkward mess during a recent Pensacola City Council Meeting, when local officials were asked to back a somewhat odd effort to get legislators to dedicate more conservation funding for north Florida. Something didn’t feel quite right. And it wasn’t just the dire warning from […]

New mystery entity pushes local governments to oppose Negron’s Everglades reservoir plan

By Bruce Richie October 4, 2016 Politico TALLAHASSEE — A shadowy entity created last month is asking local governments in North Florida to pass resolutions opposing Sen. Joe Negron’s Everglades land-buying proposal. Stand Up North Florida is trying to rally opposition to the proposed $2.4 billion reservoir project, saying it will dry up conservation spending […]