“Significant” algae bloom on Lake Okeechobee

By Kimberly Miller July 20, 2017 Palm Beach Post The South Florida Water Management District and Florida Department of Environmental Protection are monitoring an algae bloom on Lake Okeechobee that has been growing since at least last week. Randy Smith, a spokesman for the district, said samples were taken and sent to the DEP to […]

Experts Monitor IRL for Signs of Algal Blooms

By Matthew Peddie July 19, 2017 WMFE Rain and hot weather are putting stress on the Indian River Lagoon. Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Program executive director Duane DeFreese said drought conditions earlier this year meant less nutrients were washing into the lagoon. DeFreese said the water in the lagoon is clearer than last year, […]

PBS Video: What’s Stopping Everglades from healing?

“What’s stopping the vulnerable Everglades from being healed?” PBS Newshour story includes video of toxic algal blooms in Stuart. Worth watching for interview with Michael Grunwald, author of “The Swamp.” However, the story doesn’t quite get the timing of the CERP EAA Reservoir project correct when the reporter says, “To prevent another toxic algae bloom, […]

Guest column: Invest in reservoir now — not later

By Nathaniel P. Reed March 10, 2017 TC Palm There is nothing complicated about the need to invest in the so-called Everglades Agricultural Area reservoir. One need only understand that water flows downhill. When Florida’s rains are heavy, the water flows down from the Kissimmee River valley and into Lake Okeechobee; it has to go somewhere […]

Poisoning A River of Grass

By Jessica M. Castillo January 23, 2017 University of Miami  In less than a 20-minute drive west, Larry Brand leaves Miami’s suburban sprawl and reaches the Everglades, where he’s been tracking the toxic algal blooms that are increasingly assaulting the diverse ecosystem, threatening South Florida’s water supply, fishing industry, tourism and even health. A specialist […]

Eve Samples: Buy the land south of Lake Okeechobee — don’t buy the excuses

By Eve Samples January 13, 2017 TC Palm State lawmakers have every reason to pull the trigger on buying land south of Lake Okeechobee this year. These are the biggies: Toxic algae is fresh in our memories: It choked the St. Lucie River last summer, following months of polluted discharges from Lake O. It was one of the worst blooms […]

$2 Billion for Everglades not a silver bullet for toxic algae

By Jana Eschbach WPEC CBS 12  STUART (CBS12) — The President signed off on $2 billion Everglades restoration project this week, but will the money continue to flow south from Washington with the new President-elect? The funding took on a new sense of urgency this year when a toxic algae bloom in Lake Okeechobee poured into […]

Eve Samples: Do you have a case of ‘seasonal amnesia’?

By Eve Samples December 2, 2016 TC Palm Do you have seasonal amnesia? Symptoms may include: Ability to enjoy our waterways without having flashbacks of blue-green algae.  Forgetting the ammonia-like stench that clung to parts of the St. Lucie River this spring and summer.  Inability to recall dead fish floating near downtown Stuart. Feelings of lessened frustration toward officials […]

End stench and sludge. Save the Everglades: #NowOrNeverglades

By Orlando Sentinel Editors November 14, 2016 Orlando Sentinel A week ago, while most Floridians were preoccupied by a certain approaching news event, a 12-day bus tour concluded in a campaign to highlight an issue whose impact — at least for Florida —could linger well beyond the results from Election Day. Sponsored by the Everglades […]

Who’ll perform CPR on Everglades? South Florida chokes on guacamole

By Eric Eikenberg October 30, 2016 Orlando Sentinel Imagine that one of Florida’s most important flood-control structures has been ruptured, and that every day, 1.5 billion gallons of toxic water is gushing into two of Florida’s most popular sport fishing, boating and tourist areas. Soon, a dark, smelly blue-green algae bloom forms in the waterways, with […]