A Big Victory To Save Martin County Wetlands!


Martin County residents spoke up for their County and saved small urban wetlands.

Comprehensive Plan Amendment 17-7 which would have allowed the destruction of half-acre or smaller wetlands within the urban services district has been withdrawn by the applicant.

With our videos and scientific paper, we provided first-hand observations, scientific data, and comments that recognize the value of small urban wetlands to provide flood control, clean water, and habitat for wading birds and wildlife.

Hundreds of Martin County residents successfully urged the Local Planning Agency to reject CPA 17-7 and asked County Commissioners to do the same. You spoke up for your County and you won!

Please join us from 1- 4 p.m. on Saturday, April 22, at the Wolf Technology Auditorium on the Indian River College campus at 2400 Salerno Road for the annual “Citizens’ Forum” to hear more about the successful effort to save small wetlands and other issues that face Martin Martin residents in the future.


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